The re-development of your web universe is the creation or adaptation of a dedicated communication plan. Combining innovative web marketing strategy and efficient action plan, the 1789 web-marketing agency helps you in the implementation of effective and complementary devices to optimize the performance of your web media. The development of the visibility of your brand and increasing traffic to your web media is only a first step in the success of your web strategy.

Traffic: YES! But qualified traffic and which transforms. The strength of its professional know-how and complementary skills, 1789 offers solutions for every stage of the life of a website: from its creation to its promotion on the net. Our ambition is to improve your website performance, increase your knowledge and understanding of the world of the Internet and refine the ROI for each committed transaction.



Learn how to increase the loyalty of your customers

1789 will guide you through a range of services and innovative solutions to inform, retain and convert your audience into customers: creation of transactional mail scenarios, creation and routing of emailing campaigns/ newsletters, setting up of re-marketing strategies, creation of interactive or viral campaigns…



Making your websites more competitive

We will guide you in your web-marketing strategy, in updating and in redesigning you existing websites. Our process is based on a deep analysis of your website’s evolution, by setting up A/B tests or UX user tests. We can also integrate a responsive design strategy and develop mobile applications.



A deep analysis of your campaigns

Analyzing your web campaigns as well as the collected data is essential for your web-marketing strategy. This analysis will allow you to increase your campaigns’ return on investment and to constantly adjust your web-marketing strategy.



Measure your web performances

Let us realize your audit: SEO, PPC campaigns, international visibility strategies or a global audit of your web strategy (websites, communication tools, competitors, market). We can recommend you immediate corrections and a global action plan.