In order to complete our services and allow you to develop your employees’ skills, we can provide an appropriate web-marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) training for your teams. As web-marketing and digital communication skills are essential for the development of your projects, our goal is to allow your team to understand the emerging issues related to the web, to gain autonomy and be able to set up devices adapted to your problems.

Our agency, 1789, is an accredited training organization, our courses can be taken over by your OPCA (Accredited collecting fund for training). Each training session is made up of ½ day or a day, depending on the needs of trainees, in-house or inter-company depending on the chosen modules. Here are some of our training modules:


SEO is the ability of your website to appear on the first results page of a search engine ( including Google occupies 94% market share in France) when users input words related to your offer and your services. There are many criteria to be met that can make your site visible.

Become the expert SEO your website !


SEA helps positionning your website in search results on terms of your choice. The display can be in text, pictures, advertising banners, sheet product, depending on your goals and budget you want to spend ; advertising media that allow you to accurately measure your return on investment.

Become the expert in your paid digital communication !

Social Network

Many people talk about but few have mastered them in their entirety. Although installed with the younger generation, assets and certain communities, social networks can help you promote your offer and recruit and retain clients. Understand how they work, who uses them and how you incorporate them into your overall digital strategy, this is a part of the objective of this training.

With you to create a community around your brand !

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to measure what you make on your website : number of visitors, traffic source, user behavior, number of conversions.

Become autonomous in managing this essential tool, to measure your ROI !

Marketing E-mail

Email is a support of acquisition and retention widely used for many years. Its effectiveness under certain conditions is well established. Learn how to design and disseminate e-mailing campaign without going for a spammer and thus ensure good reception and reading email.

Become an expert in email marketing campaign performance !

Digital Strategy

The digital strategy of your company includes any communication using web broadcast media: website, blog, social networking, e-mailing campaign, banner ads, advertorial, display, net linking, re-marketing, online reputation ... The proposed solutions and the offers evolve rapidly, changing the behavior of your customers. It gives more power to those media that become essential to the development of your business.

Become the expert of your digital strategy and integrate its dimension to your global communication plan !

Web Writing

The behavior of a reader on a web support is different from a reader on paper. Concentration time, availability, the tone must be adapted to "codes" of the digital. The words used, if they are well chosen, will be good for the referencing of your publication on search engines.

Become an expert in web content writing controlling the levers of visibility !

E-reputation control

Follow the evolution of your market and ensure the good reputation of your brand, here are two key factors in the strategy of your company. Internet gives you access to real-time information with powerful tools that collect and centralize information.

Save time and be hyper reactive mastering these tools !

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